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Deuser has been an ambitious distributor of high quality fitness products for several decades and has an excellent reputation.

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Deuserband Plus Deuserband Plus
Versatile training band for therapy and sports. German quality product. 30 cm end-to-end length when laid flat.
$9.51 *
Deuser® Expander Deuser® Expander
Expander for therapy and sports. True expander with rubber fibres covered with a protective layer. All five bands are removeable, allowing for individual adjustment. The starting level (5x 10 kg) is adjustable from 10 to 50 kg, while the...
$24.98 *
Deuser® Elastic Cord Zauberschnur Deuser® Elastic Cord Zauberschnur
Practical piece of training equipment for school and clubs. For agility, coordination and gymnastics. Universal equipment for many disciplines. Loops on both ends. Three lengths available.
$14.27 *
Deuser® Inflatable Balance Pillow Deuser® Inflatable Balance Pillow
Inflatable balance pillow for balance and fitness training. Can be used to increase the difficulty of regular training exercises.
$24.98 *
Deuserband® Light Deuserband® Light
Deuserband® Light for strength, coordination and endurance training. Very durable. 40% less resistance when compared to the Original Deuserband®. Two removeable handles. Quality product made in Germany.
$29.74 *
Deuserband® Original Deuserband® Original
Original Deuserband® for strength, coordination and endurance training. Very durable. Quality product made in Germany.
$29.74 *
Deuser®️ Balance Pad Deuser®️ Balance Pad
The Deuser®️ Balance Pad is ideal for strength training, agility and flexibility exercises as well as for a healthy posture. It is suitable for home training as well as for on the go. The antiskid, structured surface provides a firm grip...
$41.64 *