1. PayPal

Quick Overview: Fast, easy, and secure. Pay directly through your PayPal account.

Detailed Explanation: 
PayPal is a globally recognized payment method that provides a safe and quick way to pay online. By choosing PayPal, you'll be redirected to the secure PayPal platform to complete your purchase.



2. Credit Card (via PayPal)     

Quick Overview: Use your credit card without needing a PayPal account.

Detailed Explanation: 
For customers who prefer to use a credit card, we've integrated this option through PayPal. The good news is that you don't need to create or have a PayPal account to utilize this payment method. Choose the Credit Card option, and you'll be securely guided through the process hosted by PayPal.

  Visa_Brandmark_Blue_RGB_2021           Mastercard


3. By Bill (For Returning Customers & Official Institutions)

Quick Overview: Reserved for our trusted regular customers and institutions such as high schools, cities, and government bodies.

Detailed Explanation: 
If you're a returning customer or represent an official institution, you can receive your goods first and pay later via wire transfer. To utilize this, select the "Tailored Payment Option" during checkout, and we'll provide further instructions with your order confirmation.



4. Tailored Payment Option

Quick Overview: Have a specific payment need? Choose this, and we'll discuss options post-purchase.

Detailed Explanation:
 We understand that not all payment methods work for everyone. We designed this option for those seeking an alternative. After placing your order using the Tailored Payment Option, our team will reach out to you directly to discuss and determine a payment solution that could be feasible for both parties. While we can't promise that every method will be available, we genuinely strive to accommodate your needs.