Polanik Compact Competition Hurdle Cart

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Easy to manoeuvre competition hurdle cart. Even children can pull this cart. With a capacity of...more
Polanik Compact Competition Hurdle Cart

Easy to manoeuvre competition hurdle cart. Even children can pull this cart. With a capacity of up to ten hurdles, making it the perfect one-lane hurdle cart. Extraordinary price-performance ratio. Space-saving solution for maximum storage flexibilty. Not wider than one lane. Four robust wheels made from synthetic material. Front wheels are castor wheels.


Movement method: By hand
Weight: 35 kg
Dimensions (without load, W x H x L): 1127 x 1304 x 916 mm
Maximum payload: 160 kg
Polanik compatibility: Up to 10 pc PP-171 (and variations), PP-173 (and variations) or up to 7 pc PP-170 (and variations)
General compatibility: Up to 10 hurdles with a minimum inner frame width of 92 cm
Polanik Product Code: S15-464

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