trenas Elite Leather Medicine Ball

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  • KR-TR-GROL-1000
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Large, classic leather medicine ball reminiscent of school-days past. Made from genuine leather,...more
trenas Elite Leather Medicine Ball

Large, classic leather medicine ball reminiscent of school-days past. Made from genuine leather, the medicine ball is filled with special moisture-resistant granules and comes complete with cushioning properties for training that is easy on the joints. The thick leather exterior is extremely durable. Beneath this thick outer layer lies a wafer-thin inner cover that acts as a moisture barrier. The ball can be easily wiped clean. The special granulated filling is made of moisture-resistant material and offers optimum cushioning properties together with high core stability for discerning athletes. The ball is clearly marked with its weight, helping to maintain a good overview during training. Great for use in competitive and recreational sports, school sports and gymnastics clubs, as well as for strength training, physiotherapy and home training.


Bounce characteristics: No bounce
Material: Leather
Weight: 1 kg
Colour: Brown
Diameter: 25 cm

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