Polanik Spring-Back Training Hurdle

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Professional spring-back training hurdle ensures safe use from both sides. Rounded cushioned top...more
Polanik Spring-Back Training Hurdle

Professional spring-back training hurdle ensures safe use from both sides. Rounded cushioned top bar. Clearly visible. Fixed counter weights. Robust design with perfectly matching frame and telescopic tubes. Rubberised feet ensure a safe stand. Spring lock height adjustment mechanism with durable and robust springs. Replacement items are available at our store.


Material: Steel
Width: 100 cm
Top board type: Round padded top bar
Counter weight: Non-adjustable
Adjustment method: Spring-loaded buttons
Foot shape: Foot plate
Range of use: Training only
Polanik Product Code: PP-182
Heights: 50.0 cm, 60.0 cm, 76.2 cm

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