Steel spikes - 6 mm

Steel spikes - 6 mm
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Robust steel spikes in the standard 6 mm version, which is generally permitted for...more
Steel spikes - 6 mm

Robust steel spikes in the standard 6 mm version, which is generally permitted for track-and-field athletics. They offer slightly more grip than 5 mm long spikes without penetrating too deeply into the track and damaging it, meaning they can be used on most synthetic tracks and are also suitable for beginners. The choice of spike length also depends on the regulations of the sports facility. The length for competitions can be found in the respective competition announcement. The pyramid shape is the most common spike shape. It has a wide range of applications on many surfaces, including dirt tracks and tartan tracks. However, this shape is less suitable for hard surfaces. The Christmas tree-shaped spikes only penetrate the ground to the extent permitted by the gradations, which reduces the stress on the running track. At the same time, these gradations compress the ground upon impact, which ensures more even power transmission and rebound, ultimately leading to increased speed. This makes Christmas tree spikes an excellent and versatile option for hard, soft, and damp surfaces. They are used less frequently in jumping disciplines and the javelin throw and are suitable for spike shoes of all well-known manufacturers.


Material: Steel
Length: 6 mm
Weight: 1.8 g (one spike)
Colour: Gold
Quantity: 14 Stück
General compatibility: Spikesschuhe aller namhafter Hersteller

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