Steel spikes - 5 mm

Steel spikes - 5 mm
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Robust and durable steel spikes for spike shoes of all well-known manufacturers. These spikes...more
Steel spikes - 5 mm

Robust and durable steel spikes for spike shoes of all well-known manufacturers. These spikes offer good traction and are also suitable for use by beginners. At 5 mm long, these silver-gray spikes are an excellent choice, especially for firmer soils and dry conditions. They provide the necessary grip for fast acceleration without causing significant damage to the track. At the same time, they prevent inefficient power transmission by not sinking too deeply into the ground. The choice of spike length also depends on the regulations of the sports facility. On tracks with Mondo surfaces (such as at London’s Wembley Stadium), only 5 mm long spikes are permitted. The permitted lengths for competitions can be found in the respective competition announcement. The shape of the spikes also plays a role. The pyramid shape is the most common and most popular spike shape. It has a wide range of applications, especially on the slightly softer ground of dirt tracks and tartan tracks, as it does not penetrate the ground as deeply as the “pointed needle” spikes. Thanks to their particularly high level of grip, such spikes are often preferred by sprinters and used on hard or damp surfaces. Needle-shaped spikes generally tend to be more suitable for athletes who weigh less.


Material: Steel
Length: 5 mm
Weight: 1.3 g (one spike)
Colour: Silver
Quantity: 14 pieces
General compatibility: Spikesschuhe aller namhafter Hersteller

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